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Keeping Us Safe is Celebrating

A salute to “KEEPING US SAFE”

As a certified “Beyond Driving with Dignity” professional, I am proud to be associated with the KEEPING US SAFE organization. This year they are celebrating their sixth anniversary devoted to serving the elderly drivers in our communities and their families to help prevent tragedies on the highways. Below is a word from the founder of Keeping Us Safe, Matt Gurwell.





Stay Connected with the Elderly Driver in Your Life

Persuading the Elderly Driver to Give Up the Keys


After family members have had a frank and open discussion with the elderly driver in their life, driving outcomes will vary. Perhaps the elderly driver has been convinced that he or she should retire from driving and is ready to give up the keys to the car. Or, perhaps, the older driver denies that driving is a problem. The parent or elderly relative is not willing to admit that driving skills have deteriorated, that eyesight has worsened, that reflexes are slower or that destinations of trips are often forgotten and produce confusion


Pedal Application Error and Unintended Acceleration

Hitting the Wrong Pedal

Today’s news media seems eager to report on elderly drivers whose actions result in tragic highway pedal application error and unintended accelerationcalamities, such as attempting to brake and hitting the accelerator instead, resulting in unintended acceleration.  It has become almost a regular news item in the papers or on TV.

Tragedies That Result

Two particular examples of pedal application error have captured the imagination of the public due to the extent of their carnage and to the age of the victims.


Should I Give Up the Car Keys?

How to Know if You Should Give Up the Car Keys

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit


This article is dedicated to the mature or elderly driver who may be experiencing pangs of doubt about driving and is wondering whether it is time to give up the car keys, permanently.give up the car keys
As a mature driver, with over 40 years of driving experience, I know that I won’t be able to drive indefinitely. I realize that sooner or (hopefully much) later I will have to give up the car keys and seek alternatives for keeping mobile.

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