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Takata Air Bag Recalls: Affected Vehicles

Takata Airbag

Air Bag is a Killer


Is Your car carrying a Takata Air Bag? You probably have heard about the infamous safety device, featured in dozens of news articles, which is responsible for having killed drivers rather preventing their demise on the roads. But what cars carry those devices?

Affected Vehicles

This list of affected vehicles was compiled from information automakers provided to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and published in the New York Times. Some of the recalls are region-specific, and not all cars in a make or model year are affected, so drivers are advised to contact their dealers for more information. RELATED ARTICLE


Stay Connected with the Elderly Driver in Your Life

Persuading the Elderly Driver to Give Up the Keys


After family members have had a frank and open discussion with the elderly driver in their life, driving outcomes will vary. Perhaps the elderly driver has been convinced that he or she should retire from driving and is ready to give up the keys to the car. Or, perhaps, the older driver denies that driving is a problem. The parent or elderly relative is not willing to admit that driving skills have deteriorated, that eyesight has worsened, that reflexes are slower or that destinations of trips are often forgotten and produce confusion


Wet Road Conditions and Hydroplaning

Spring Showers and Hydroplaning

hydroplaningAs Spring approaches and rain showers replace snow flurries, hydroplaning becomes an ever present concern, especially on highways and can lead to loss of control while driving. Smart Motorist published a great article on hydroplaning some years ago and it is reproduced here for your benefit.



Hydroplaning (Aquaplaning)

Hydroplaning (called Aquaplaning)

Hydroplaning (called aquaplaning in Europe and Asia) occurs when water on the roadway accumulates in front of your vehicle’s tires faster that the weight of your vehicle can push it out of the way. The water pressure can cause your car to rise up and slide on top of a thin layer of water between your tires and the road.


Recognizing The Signs

Recognizing the Signs On the RoadRecognizing the Signs

Recognizing the signs, especially road and street signs, is a vital part of the driving experience. Signs inform you about many things, including: distances, locations, road conditions, speed limits, right of way, types of intersections, stopping and going.

Thus, recognizing the signs will provide you essential information if you are going to navigate the highways and by-ways of your cities, states and nations. This knowledge is so important that before you get the privilege of getting on the road, you are required to recognize these and many more signs. No one questions the validity of recognizing the signs.


Out-of-Control Car and Poor Driving Conditions

Out-of-Control Car

Operating an out-of-control car, under any circumstance, can be unnerving. But when it happens during a heavy rain or during a snow fall, it is particularly unsettling and downright scary! Those of us who have driven in an out-of-control car during poor driving conditions should know better. Right? Yet, it never fails to amaze me how many car accidents are reported on the first snow day in winter. It would be understandable if this were southern Arizona, where snow days skip years and drivers are utterly unprepared for such conditions, but I live in Ontario, Canada where not a single year goes by without that cold white precipitate falling on our roads. We should know better, but somehow our memories are very selective and we seem to forget that last year’s snow fall was slippery, hazardous and inevitably led, for many other drivers, if not for me, to an out-of-control car. So why should this year’s fresh new snow fall be any different?


The Elderly Driver Should Take Simple Safety Precautions

Driving is Risky for the Elderly Driver

Russ Rader, a spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, has this to say about driving: “The simple fact is, getting behind the wheel of a car is the riskiest thing most people do every day” and as an elderly driver there are several simple safety precautions you can take to mitigate that risk and to optimize your safe handling of a car.

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