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Performance Not Age Should Be Evaluated

Driving Tests Not Checking for Skills Actually Needed for Road Conditions

Clare Colley of the Canberra Times, wrote recently regarding a study under way in Queensland, Australia, led by professor Joanne Wood, who points out that it is not reasonable to expect typical re-licensing testing to be adequate when evaluating driver performance, especially for elderly drivers. For instance, high-contrast wall eye-charts, can not adequately represent visual conditions in high speed, high traffic, poor road situations and low contrast settings, such a night time or in fog. This is true for the elderly as well as very young and middle-aged drivers. Following is the article in the Canberra Times describing the study and profess Wood’s thoughts.


Keeping Us Safe is Celebrating

A salute to “KEEPING US SAFE”

As a certified “Beyond Driving with Dignity” professional, I am proud to be associated with the KEEPING US SAFE organization. This year they are celebrating their sixth anniversary devoted to serving the elderly drivers in our communities and their families to help prevent tragedies on the highways. Below is a word from the founder of Keeping Us Safe, Matt Gurwell.





Refresher Courses Keep Senior Drivers Safe on the Road | Refresher Course

Your Skills May Need a Refresher Course

Is age taking a toll on your driving skills? You may have driven a vehicle for many years, even decades but, of late, you find yourself apprehensive as vehicles operated by youngsters go zipping past you.  That type of nervousness is quite common and senior drivers often feel this way.

Driving a vehicle competently and safely demands a lot of concentration and good coordination between your eyes, hands, legs and the brain. Ageing slows down your reflexes and, coupled with heavy traffic, and aggressive drivers, it is no wonder the elderly driver may feel trepidation, operating an automobile.


Going Somewhere Very Slowly | older drivers

Road Czars vs. Older Drivers

Often, older drivers seem to be going somewhere very slowly. In this age of high speed aggressive driving, where road rage is common, where incredibly stupid attempts at multi-tasking at the wheel are daily events, today’s drivers are often horrified, at the prospect of having to follow older drivers on the road.

For many, these motoring “has-beens” shouldn’t be allowed a licence to drive, much less be operating a car on a public road. The way they see it, older decrepit drivers (derelicts from a distant past) should move over and make way for the real drivers, the ones who have places to go, people to see and things to do.


Pedal Application Error and Unintended Acceleration

Hitting the Wrong Pedal

Today’s news media seems eager to report on elderly drivers whose actions result in tragic highway pedal application error and unintended accelerationcalamities, such as attempting to brake and hitting the accelerator instead, resulting in unintended acceleration.  It has become almost a regular news item in the papers or on TV.

Tragedies That Result

Two particular examples of pedal application error have captured the imagination of the public due to the extent of their carnage and to the age of the victims.


WHAT MAKES FOR A SAFE DRIVER – Elderly or Not? (Part 1)

What is a safe driver?a safe driver

The answer is, it has nothing to do with being elderly!

Elderly or not, what makes for a safe driver does not necessarily depend on the number of decades you have lived. Rather, it is a matter of how well you pull together:

  • your knowledge of the rules of the road,
  • your facility with the auto you are driving, including the efficient and smooth use of stick shift, braking, accelerating and cornering
  • your ability to concentrate,
  • your anticipating possible adverse road conditions and taking defensive action, and


Should I Give Up the Car Keys?

How to Know if You Should Give Up the Car Keys

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit


This article is dedicated to the mature or elderly driver who may be experiencing pangs of doubt about driving and is wondering whether it is time to give up the car keys, permanently.give up the car keys
As a mature driver, with over 40 years of driving experience, I know that I won’t be able to drive indefinitely. I realize that sooner or (hopefully much) later I will have to give up the car keys and seek alternatives for keeping mobile.


Let Walking Make You a Better Driver (1)

Improving Your Driving by Walking

Walking Is a Great Way to Improve

If improved driving capability is your goal, there are few things you can do that bring as many benefits to you as walking. This simple form of exercise is easy to do and can be taken up indoors or outdoors. Most importantly walking can help you improve the three crucial functionalities necessary for competent, safe driving.

Driving involves three functionalities: seeing, thinking and moving. Without anyone of these components your driving days are walking to become a better driveressentially over. All three, to one extent or another, can be improved by walking.


Elderly Drivers Get Distracted Too

Distractions for the Elderly Driver

The Smartphone Comethelderly drivers get distracted too

We elderly drivers get distracted too, but not just by smartphones. Of course, teens get the lion share of negative press when it comes to driving distractedly, especially for their tendency to text just about anywhere and any time.

Cometh to Boomers

However, those who are part of the late boomer generation, (born between the late 50’s and early 60’s), are active users of cell phones and smartphones, too.  As an early boomer (1950), it took me a while to finally buy my first cell phone (in my late 40’s) and, even later, my first smartphone (late 50’s) but like the adage goes, once you have, you use it.


Do You Fear Losing Your Driver’s License? | Road Test

Retaking Your Road Test Need Not Spell Disaster

What are your fears?

If you were re-taking your road test today, to renew your driver’s license as an elderly driver, what would be your greatest concern?

Are you jittery about:

If you are in one of the states, where elderly drivers are required to retake the road test then the following infographic may be of some help. It is not exhaustive, but it does touch upon a number of these concerns and provides some strategies to prepare for your road test.

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