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Refresher Courses Keep Senior Drivers Safe on the Road | Refresher Course

Your Skills May Need a Refresher Course

Is age taking a toll on your driving skills? You may have driven a vehicle for many years, even decades but, of late, you find yourself apprehensive as vehicles operated by youngsters go zipping past you.  That type of nervousness is quite common and senior drivers often feel this way.

Driving a vehicle competently and safely demands a lot of concentration and good coordination between your eyes, hands, legs and the brain. Ageing slows down your reflexes and, coupled with heavy traffic, and aggressive drivers, it is no wonder the elderly driver may feel trepidation, operating an automobile.

Under such conditions you may want to consider refreshing your driving skills to address these concerns and to continue driving safely on the road. A sound strategy for revitalizing your driving is to enrol in a refresher course with a professional driving school. You will want to consider a state or province-approved refresher driving course as your best option. Here in Ontario, an MTO[1]-approved driving school would be the choice to make.  Let us walk through some of the benefits of undergoing such a program.

Road Rules & Regulations

If you picked up driving skills decades ago, chances are that you never attended a driving school. You picked up your driving skills

Road Rules & Regulations

Knowing the rules of the road

from your parents, an older friend, or perhaps on your own. Though you know the basic rules and regulations that govern the road you likely don’t have in-depth understanding of the different types of road rules.  In addition, many rules may have changed over the years and lack of knowledge could put you at risk. At a certified institution, trainers will apprise you of all the rules that you will need in order to drive safely, and competently. These theory sessions are conducted in a very systematic and logical sequence that will also increase your confidence level. It will also help prevent your being charged by traffic enforcement authorities for violations on the road that can take a toll on your wallet and on your confidence.


Defensive/Pro-Active Driving

As already mentioned, ageing may slow down your reflexes, which could lead to  collisions. This is why defensive or pro-active driving skills can be the key to keeping you safe behind the wheel. At a professional driving school you would be taught to be more conscious about the driving environment you are in. For instance, you are helped :

  • to keep safe distances from vehicles in front of you,
  • to spot and assess the driving behaviours of motorists around you in traffic, and
  • to anticipate trouble at junctions and sharp corners

The program aims to inculcate into your driving habits a strong awareness of these factors. The net effect of cultivating these skills is to help you prevent accidents and to safely bring your vehicle to a halt, in case of any emergency.


Insurance Discounts

As you age, you may find that your annual premiums are increasing. When you undergo training at an MTO certified driving school, you become eligible for an insurance discount certificate. Successful completion of these courses assure your competence level to third-party insurance firms, that offer discounts on insurance premiums. This can mean substantial savings on a year to year basis.

Driving a vehicle offers you the freedom to move around at your own will. It also provides a sense of control over your life when sit behind the wheel of a vehicle. You shouldn’t let your age become a barrier in this wonderful experience. Join a certified driving school near your home and take a refresher driving course. Enjoy your vehicle and your independence.

a professional driving school

Refresher courses for seniors help elderly drivers stay safe on the road. A professional driving school like Today’s Driver Driving School, in Toronto, helps in boosting the skills and confidence of the elderly motorist.

Guest Author: Richard Manning is interested in the legal implications involved in driver training. He also writes regularly about driving schools in Toronto and discusses how these schools help boost confidence and skills.

[1] Ministry of Transportation – Ontario

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  1. Hosting says:

    CAA South Central offers a training course for mature drivers that takes into consideration your special driving needs. This course covers the concerns of the mature driver, teaching you how to stay safe, drive defensively, and avoid high-risk situations.

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