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Performance Not Age Should Be Evaluated

… individuals’ driving abilities begin to decline they will necessarily be aware of these changes and adopt appropriate compensatory driving behaviours; rather, it is essential that evidence-based assessments are adopted.  Therefore, professor Wood’s conclusions suggest that society can not expect elderly drivers to compensate for unrecognised deficiencies, nor will elderly drivers necessarily realize that it is time for re-testing. Consequently, communities should not hesitate to …


Refresher Courses Keep Senior Drivers Safe on the Road | Refresher Course

… environment you are in. For instance, you are helped : to keep safe distances from vehicles in front of you, to spot and assess the driving behaviours of motorists around you in traffic, and to anticipate trouble at junctions and sharp corners The program aims to inculcate into your driving habits a strong awareness of these factors. The net effect of cultivating these skills is to help you prevent accidents and to safely bring your vehicle to a halt, in case of any emergency.   Insurance …


Elderly Drivers Get Distracted Too

… don’t?), combed my hair, checked the mirror for any tell-tale signs of the happy meal on my teeth, talked to fellow passengers, listened to and scanned for different FM/AM radio frequencies, day-dreamed, fumed (or raged) at other drivers, planned events, searched for and replaced CD’s, and many other things. I didn’t do all of these all at once, but certainly there were times when I attempted a combination of two or more of these behaviours while cruising down a highway. …

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