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Takata Air Bag Recalls: Affected Vehicles

Air Bag is a Killer   Is Your car carrying a Takata Air Bag? You probably have heard about the infamous safety device, featured in dozens of news articles, which is responsible for having killed drivers rather preventing their demise on the roads. But what cars carry those devices? Affected Vehicles This list of affected vehicles was compiled from information automakers provided to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and published in the New York Times. Some of the …


Pedal Application Error and Unintended Acceleration

… she approached a stopped school bus with several cars behind it, she took her foot off the accelerator to let the car slow down naturally. Then, as she got closer to the stopped car ahead of her, Anderson stated she went to put her foot on what she thought was the brake, and instead, hit the accelerator. When she realized she was going to hit the car in front of her, she turned to the right to avoid the car. “I turned to the right and took the only opening I saw to avoid striking the car, …


Why Even 20-20 Vision Can’t Keep Up with Our Driving – Part 2

… Not Enough   What just happened? As you approach a junction in your noisy car, you don’t see the vehicle that is on a perfect collision course with you. The street to which you wish to turn in to is filled with parked cars along each side, but your peripheral vision fails to detect a vehicle hidden from view by the door pillar. You are led into believing that all is well, so you quickly look twice, left and right, to avoid holding up the traffic behind you. Unfortunately,your eyes …


What Makes for a Safe Driver – Elderly or Not? (Part 2)

… is all about taking precautions before they happen in the interest of your well being and other road users. You will become a far smoother driver because you are acting on things that can be seen well ahead (a mile or more on some types of road). There are literally hundreds of clues all around if you know where to look. Feet under parked cars, reflections in windows, headlights coming around corners; all signs to give you information to act upon.”[1] [1] From Let’s Talk Driving …


WHAT MAKES FOR A SAFE DRIVER – Elderly or Not? (Part 1)

… suggestion. Go, with a companion, to a large parking lot (say at a mall or supermarket), early in the morning. Go to the area of the lot where there are no cars parked. Drive at a city speed, then come to a stop at a convenient place, so that neither of you can feel the car stop. Now, go again, this time at a higher speed. (Again, this is supposing there is no moving traffic or cars parked in the area in which you will be driving)  Once, you are the higher speed, come to a stop at a convenient …


Should I Give Up the Car Keys?

… car keys. Steps to Take To Decide If You Should Give Up the Car Keys ASSESS VISION: What can you see? Vision while driving is not just a matter of seeing something that is far away. It is not about seeing stationary objects and signs, while you are motionless. It is about perceiving all the pedestrians, cars and trucks that are in motion, while you are in motion, Vision while driving demands seeing what is in front of you, beside you and behind you. It requires a wide visual field, allowing …


Wet Road Conditions and Hydroplaning

… that you’re hydroplaning? It is often hard to tell when you are hydroplaning. The rear end of your vehicle may feel a little squirrelly (loose, giving you the sensation that it has moved to one side or the other), especially in a high crosswind. The steering may also suddenly feel loose or little too easy. Watch the road ahead for standing or running water. You can also pay attention to the spray being kicked up by the cars in front. If it suddenly increases it’s possible that the …


Elderly Drivers Get Distracted Too

…  Yes, admittedly, I had become a local poster boy for and proof that elderly drivers get distracted. Before the Smartphone Cometh However, upon further consideration, I have to admit that long before I got my smartphone, I was already a bonafide distracted driver. Maybe not all of the time, but enough times to say that I was hazard to myself, my passengers and other cars and pedestrians. Distractions Upon Distractions In those times of distracted driving, I ate my happy meal (What? You …


Recognizing The Signs

… the privilege of getting on the road, you are required to recognize these and many more signs. No one questions the validity of recognizing the signs. Recognizing the Signs To Operate Our cars However, there is another type of signage of which we elderly drivers need to be cognizant, but often disregard. These are signs that are related to your body, mind, car, driving skills and road conditions. If we want to get to our destinations safely, comfortably, and without undue stress, we all would …


Out-of-Control Car and Poor Driving Conditions

… align="alignnone" width="600"] Photo: Contributed – Courtney HainesShannon Ridge Drive becomes a skating rink as nine cars are stuck on the road[/caption] We seniors should know better; after all we have seen considerably more snow days that a new teenage driver. Yet, we venture out on these often lightly snow covered roads and slip and slide our way into loss of control. We neither take the precautions we should be taking to avoid loss of control nor do we know what to do when we start …

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