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Keeping Us Safe is Celebrating

… serve as a constant reminder to me personally of not only how precious life is, but also how critically important the issue of properly addressing diminished driving skills is.” explains Gurwell.  “The courage the Fresch family has demonstrated in publicly sharing their story in hopes of keeping a similar tragedy from striking other families is both commendable and remarkable. Having the Fresch family agree to name this award after their parents is Keeping Us Safe’s greatest …


Should I Give Up the Car Keys?

… assess your driving environment, looking for potential dangers and planning how to deal with them or how to avoid them? Tips on How To know if you should really give up the car keys, address all the questions raised earlier and use the following process Dredging up the needed courage and honesty is your greatest challenge. So, resolve today that you will take the first step and do a self-assessment to determine if you should give up the car keys. Begin by reviewing, by yourself, all the …


Protecting the Elderly Driver’s Brain Through Fasting

Fasting Can Protect The Brain Recently, I read two news bulletins in the Fitness and Health E-Zine  by  Gabe Mirkin, one of my favourite internet physicians, where I found more confirmation that elderly drivers can get fitter, trimmer and smarter by simply fasting intermittently.  Dr. Mirkin citing a number of studies suggests that fasting, or at least intermittent fasting, can protect the brain from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and mild cognitive impairment. Calories and …

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