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Performance Not Age Should Be Evaluated

… someone’s safety on the road and one day the simple driver’s licence eyesight test could become a thing of the past. A study is currently under way focusing on the vision, memory, reaction times and driving skills of 600 drivers in Brisbane and Canberra in an attempt to find better ways of assessing the safety of older drivers. The subjects have undergone vision, cognitive and physical testing and early indications suggest assessing motion sensitivity, colour change reaction time and …


Keeping Us Safe is Celebrating

… serve as a constant reminder to me personally of not only how precious life is, but also how critically important the issue of properly addressing diminished driving skills is.” explains Gurwell.  “The courage the Fresch family has demonstrated in publicly sharing their story in hopes of keeping a similar tragedy from striking other families is both commendable and remarkable. Having the Fresch family agree to name this award after their parents is Keeping Us Safe’s greatest …


Parkinson’s Disease: When Is Driving No Longer Safe?

… of diminished driving skills.  Visit the Keeping Us Safe website at www.keepingussafe.org for more information on their services.    …


Common Medications and Multiple Drug Combinations Increasingly Linked to Fatal Car Crashes

… largely ignored. Truly, if you’re taking medication that impairs your driving skills, it’s no different from driving drunk or high on illegal drugs. FDA Admits: Certain Medications Make Driving Risky According to research3 published earlier this year, prescription drugs and multiple drug combinations are frequently found in the blood of drivers involved in fatal car crashes on US roads. Unfortunately, many simply assume that the combination of drugs prescribed to them is safe to …


Refresher Courses Keep Senior Drivers Safe on the Road | Refresher Course

Your Skills May Need a Refresher Course Is age taking a toll on your driving skills? You may have driven a vehicle for many years, even decades but, of late, you find yourself apprehensive as vehicles operated by youngsters go zipping past you.  That type of nervousness is quite common and senior drivers often feel this way. Driving a vehicle competently and safely demands a lot of concentration and good coordination between your eyes, hands, legs and the brain. Ageing slows down your reflexes …


Stay Connected with the Elderly Driver in Your Life

Persuading the Elderly Driver to Give Up the Keys INTRODUCTION After family members have had a frank and open discussion with the elderly driver in their life, driving outcomes will vary. Perhaps the elderly driver has been convinced that he or she should retire from driving and is ready to give up the keys to the car. Or, perhaps, the older driver denies that driving is a problem. The parent or elderly relative is not willing to admit that driving skills have deteriorated, that eyesight has …


Pedal Application Error and Unintended Acceleration

… diminished driving skills occur every day across the United States and Canada.   Several months ago, in Kansas, an older driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake and struck a Panera’s restaurant, injuring two.  And,  just a couple of months ago, the Columbia (Missouri) Daily Tribune headline read, “Elderly driver hits 3, kills baby”.  Not Just the Elderly Hit the Wrong Pedal This kind of accident, due to pedal error application or unintended acceleration is not limited to …


Should I Give Up the Car Keys?

… and seek alternatives for keeping mobile. This realization has become ever so keen as I find: that my body doesn’t always respond as readily as it should, that my mind doesn’t process complex scenarios as quickly as I must, that my vision, especially at night, is unable to cope with the glare of on-coming traffic and, most painful of all, that my driving skills sometimes seem as if I just barely passed my road test. Driving is a complex activity, notwithstanding how deceptively …


Recognizing The Signs

… the privilege of getting on the road, you are required to recognize these and many more signs. No one questions the validity of recognizing the signs. Recognizing the Signs To Operate Our Cars However, there is another type of signage of which we elderly drivers need to be cognizant, but often disregard. These are signs that are related to your body, mind, car, driving skills and road conditions. If we want to get to our destinations safely, comfortably, and without undue stress, we all would …


Do You Fear Losing Your Driver’s License? | Road Test

… infographic may be of some help. It is not exhaustive, but it does touch upon a number of these concerns and provides some strategies to prepare for your road test. Tips for Retaking your Road Test Source:Our Biggest Fears Would You Lose Your License A FEW LAST ADMONITIONS Get out there and find a quiet neighbourhood or empty parking lot so that you can practice your driving skills before taking the road test. You may want someone with you who can observe what you are doing and give you …

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