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Performance Not Age Should Be Evaluated

Driving Tests Not Checking for Skills Actually Needed for Road Conditions Clare Colley of the Canberra Times, wrote recently regarding a study under way in Queensland, Australia, led by professor Joanne Wood, who points out that it is not reasonable to expect typical re-licensing testing to be adequate when evaluating driver performance, especially for elderly drivers. for instance, high-contrast wall eye-charts, can not adequately represent visual conditions in high speed, high traffic, poor …


Keeping Us Safe is Celebrating

… farm field in Frederick County, Maryland.”     Gurwell adds “It is a huge honor to have gotten to know the Fresch family.  They are a very caring, loving and compassionate family who always looked out for their parents.  The family had taken many steps to help keep their parents safe while driving, but unfortunately, their parents’ diminishing cognitive abilities exceeded the safeties the family had put in place.” “This story, and many others like it, …


Parkinson’s Disease: When Is Driving No Longer Safe?

Parkinson’s – The Disease Common Effects of Parkinson’s The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation reports that as many as one million Americans live with Parkinson’s disease.  Rooted deep within the brain, the disease is a movement disorder that is both chronic and progressive, meaning that the symptoms are likely to continue and will probably worsen over time.  Although there is no known cure for the disease, …


Common Medications and Multiple Drug Combinations Increasingly Linked to Fatal Car Crashes

Multiple Drug Combinations and Fatal Car Crashes Here is a great article from Dr.Joseph Mercola, one of my favourite on-line physicians, about the problem of drug interactions and their impact on operating an automobile. This is especially relevant to the elderly driver, who may find him or herself tied down to a daily regimen of  several, interacting medications. October 22, 2014 By Dr. Mercola According to statistics collected by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), …


Takata Air Bag Recalls: Affected Vehicles

Air Bag is a Killer   Is Your car carrying a Takata Air Bag? You probably have heard about the infamous safety device, featured in dozens of news articles, which is responsible for having killed drivers rather preventing their demise on the roads. But what cars carry those devices? Affected Vehicles This list of affected vehicles was compiled from information automakers provided to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and published in the New York Times. Some of the …


Refresher Courses Keep Senior Drivers Safe on the Road | Refresher Course

Your Skills May Need a Refresher Course Is age taking a toll on your driving skills? You may have driven a vehicle for many years, even decades but, of late, you find yourself apprehensive as vehicles operated by youngsters go zipping past you.  That type of nervousness is quite common and senior drivers often feel this way. Driving a vehicle competently and safely demands a lot of concentration and good coordination between your eyes, hands, legs and the brain. Ageing slows down your reflexes …


Factors That Affect Our Memory – Part 2

… correlated with improved performance on working memory tasks, and the researchers believe the results suggest green tea may be useful for treating cognitive impairments, including dementia. Exercise Exerciseencourages your brain to work at optimum capacity by stimulating nerve cells to multiply, strengthening their interconnections, and protecting them from damage. During exercise nerve cells release proteins known as neurotrophic factors. One in particular, called brain-derived neurotrophic …


Factors That Affect Our Memory – Part 1

Are you headed for Dementia? Driving depends on a sound memory, so anything that affects our memory, both negative and positive deserves our attention. Recently I read an article in Science Daily, entitled “Think you have Alzheimer’s? You just might be right, study says” New research by scientists at the University of Kentucky’s Sanders-Brown Center on Aging suggests that people who notice their memory is slipping may be on to something.  The research…appears to confirm that …


Stay Connected with the Elderly Driver in Your Life

… Eyes” operator. a Beyond Driving with Dignity Self-Assessment. These are valid ways of assisting the older driver to come to a fact-based realization of his or her driving fitness.  But does it provide sufficient information to make that judgment? After all, even if the older driver has successfully completed a one-time evaluation session, how can we be sure it was not a fluke? Perhaps, it was an especially good day for the older driver, one that did not reflect actual day-to-day …


By Any Other Name, an Accident is Still an Accident

… you believe you caused the accident. There are times when you might not be at fault, but accepting responsibility on the scene can make you liable. Be honest, and make sure to state the facts only. If you are asked a question and you’re unsure of the answer, tell them you don’t know. Don’t assume or speculate. Write down the name, badge number, and contact information for the investigating officer. Your insurance company or attorney may need to contact them later. 4. Exchange …

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