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Keeping Us Safe is Celebrating

… “she” was giving up driving. We are all so relieved and surprised that the transition went as smoothly as it did.  It can only be due to the personal level of care and experiential assessment that was provided for us and our mother.  If this has been on your mind for your loved one, please don’t wait another day. Terri Eastman, Yellow Springs, Ohio  “It is very rewarding to receive positive feedback like this from families who have used our services to help a …


Common Medications and Multiple Drug Combinations Increasingly Linked to Fatal Car Crashes

… passengers and others,’ Mohamadi said.” Polypharmacy Raises Your Risk of Impairment Gone are the days when drunk drivers were our only concern—alcohol is but one of many drugs that can make you dangerous behind the wheel. And now many people, especially seniors, are on multiple prescription drugs (polypharmacy), which multiplies their impairment. When you picture someone under the influence of drugs in your mind, you probably don’t envision a grey-haired grandmother or …


Factors That Affect Our Memory – Part 1

… elderly driver gets overly concerned about their succumbing to creeping alzheimer’s, he or she should consider other factors that may be impairing memory. Here is the article, from Mercola.com. The first eight factors are negative and could be contributors to your sudden spate of memory loss. The other 3 factors are positive ones that may contribute to maintaining a sound memory.   11 Surprising Factors That Mess With Your Memory By Dr. Mercola Fear of losing your mind is a pervasive, …


Stay Connected with the Elderly Driver in Your Life

… with estimated fuel cost and driving behavior; including hard braking, rapid accelerations and speeding to help your parent or spouse improve their driving skills.  If you are uncertain that a senior driver really knows where they are going, you can put your mind at ease with tracking their whereabouts on Zubie, where vehicle location is updated frequently on a map to prevent misdirection and check-in as needed. Zubie helps drivers understand their skill level, using a unique, proprietary, …


By Any Other Name, an Accident is Still an Accident

… the accident, vehicle damage, and any visible injuries you sustained. 6. Write Down the Details While the accident is still fresh in your mind, write down everything you remember about what happened. Drawing a diagram of the road and details of the accident (directional arrows, etc.) can also be helpful. If you can’t write it, use your and do a voice memo. Take note of the direction each vehicle was coming from, signage, any damage to the road, weather conditions, the exact date and time …


What Makes for a Safe Driver – Elderly or Not? (Part 2)

… expertly and driving according to the rules of the road is all for nought if you can not focus on your driving and on the road. You need to concentrate on driving, despite the deceptiveness of the seeming ease of operating a motor vehicle. You must be able to keep your mind on what you are doing. Concentration can be affected by distractions, impairment or carelessness 1. Distractions are innumerable and include phone calls, texting, tuning of and listening to a car radio, animated conversation …


Should I Give Up the Car Keys?

… and seek alternatives for keeping mobile. This realization has become ever so keen as I find: that my body doesn’t always respond as readily as it should, that my mind doesn’t process complex scenarios as quickly as I must, that my vision, especially at night, is unable to cope with the glare of on-coming traffic and, most painful of all, that my driving skills sometimes seem as if I just barely passed my road test. Driving is a complex activity, notwithstanding how deceptively …


Let Walking Make You a Better Driver [2]

The mind and Walking Mental and Emotional Obstacles Overcome by Walking In the first article in this series, we mentioned that walking can have a positive impact your vision, cognition and in-car mobility.  One concrete example is the effect that walking can have on the on-set of glaucoma, a serious, debilitating eye disease that can eventually end one’s driving career. Today we want to continue this discussion by pointing out that walking can help the elderly driver overcome mental and …


Let Walking Make You a Better Driver (1)

… avoid accidents. Here again, walking can strengthen cognitive ability. Walking For Moving Still, there is another physical function that must be up to par, along with your eyesight and your mind to successfully operate a car. You need to be able to move sufficiently well, if not effortlessly and painlessly, that whatever instructions your brain sends out in response to the visual and non-visual inputs, you can perform the needed manoeuvres to drive safely and competently. Walking …


Elderly Drivers Get Distracted Too

… Visual, Manual and Cognitive Distractions Yep! Elderly drivers get distracted, too. Whether they are old distractions or new fangled distractions, they all can be classed under three types: visual distraction (such as reading a text) manual distraction (such as eating or drinking) cognitive distraction (such as daydreaming or talking with passengers). In the first type, you take your eyes off the road. In the next, your hands are off the wheel and in the last, your mind is not focussed on what …

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