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Performance Not Age Should Be Evaluated

Driving Tests not Checking for Skills Actually Needed for Road Conditions Clare Colley of the Canberra Times, wrote recently regarding a study under way in Queensland, Australia, led by professor Joanne Wood, who points out that it is not reasonable to expect typical re-licensing testing to be adequate when evaluating driver performance, especially for elderly drivers. For instance, high-contrast wall eye-charts, can not adequately represent visual conditions in high speed, high traffic, poor …


Keeping Us Safe is Celebrating

… serve as a constant reminder to me personally of not only how precious life is, but also how critically important the issue of properly addressing diminished driving skills is.” explains Gurwell.  “The courage the Fresch family has demonstrated in publicly sharing their story in hopes of keeping a similar tragedy from striking other families is both commendable and remarkable. Having the Fresch family agree to name this award after their parents is Keeping Us Safe’s greatest …


Parkinson’s Disease: When Is Driving No Longer Safe?

… safely.  If that happens again, what should I do…just aim for the middle headlight?”  The gentleman, a retired farmer, was very serious with his question and displayed not a hint of humor.  Rather, his face exhibited concern and fear. Being uneducated on the issue of the side effects of Parkinson’s medications, I was startled by the seriousness of the farmer’s question.  I was equally surprised to see that the audience saw the merit in the question and that they were very interested …


Common Medications and Multiple Drug Combinations Increasingly Linked to Fatal Car Crashes

… for individuals, the health care system, and society. We need to do more to keep people safe and reduce crash injuries and medical costs.” While there are many factors that make driving risky, including the use of cell phones, texting, drunk driving, and not using a seat belt, there’s also the issue of prescription drug side effects.2 Many can cause drowsiness and/or other impairment that can make you dangerous on the road. This may in fact be a major traffic safety issue that is …


Takata Air Bag Recalls: Affected Vehicles

… recalls are region-specific, and not all cars in a make or model year are affected, so drivers are advised to contact their dealers for more information.OCT. 22, 2014 RELATED ARTICLE Manufacturer Model and Year BMW 3-Series 2000-6 Chrysler 300 2005-8 Aspen 2007-8 Dakota 2005-8 Dodge Ram Pickup 2003-8 Durango 2004-8 Mitsubishi Raider 2006-7 Ford GT 2005-6 Mustang 2005-7 Ranger 2004 Honda Accord 2001-7 Acura CL 2002-3 Acura 3.2CL 2003 Acura MDX 2003-6 Acura RL 2005 Acura TL 2002-3 …


Factors That Affect Our Memory – Part 2

… factor (BDNF), triggers numerous other chemicals that promote neural health, and directly benefits cognitive functions, including learning. A 2010 study on primates published in Neuroscience also revealed that regular exercise not only improved blood flow to the brain, but also helped the monkeys learn new tasks twice as quickly as non-exercising monkeys. This is a benefit the researchers believe would hold true for people as well.  In a separate one year-long study, individuals who engaged …


Stay Connected with the Elderly Driver in Your Life

Persuading the Elderly Driver to Give Up the Keys INTRODUCTION After family members have had a frank and open discussion with the elderly driver in their life, driving outcomes will vary. Perhaps the elderly driver has been convinced that he or she should retire from driving and is ready to give up the keys to the car. Or, perhaps, the older driver denies that driving is a problem. The parent or elderly relative is not willing to admit that driving skills have deteriorated, that eyesight has …


By Any Other Name, an Accident is Still an Accident

… — and prevent further ones — by setting up emergency flares, orange cones, or warning triangles. If it doesn’t feel safe (or possible) to move yourself or your vehicle, turn on your hazard lights and stay where you are until help arrives. Your safety should be your first priority. 2. Make Sure Everyone is OK The majority of accidents do not involve major injuries, however, it’s important to check immediately to make sure you, your passengers, and the driver and passengers of the …


Going Somewhere Very Slowly | older drivers

… but not because he is old. What if he is only slow because he has learned how to savor the moment? What if Grandaddy Pappy has lived long enough for wisdom to grow and he now knows how to take his time and live each moment by the moment? Ok, I’ll admit. It can be a little unnerving when we see a 90 year old person driving a car. After all, they look so old! But you know what? That 90 year old is still driving a car! They are still free. They are still living! I guarantee if you see an elderly …


Pedal Application Error and Unintended Acceleration

… diminished driving skills occur every day across the United States and Canada.   Several months ago, in Kansas, an older driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake and struck a Panera’s restaurant, injuring two.  And,  just a couple of months ago, the Columbia (Missouri) Daily Tribune headline read, “Elderly driver hits 3, kills baby”.  not Just the Elderly Hit the Wrong Pedal This kind of accident, due to pedal error application or unintended acceleration is not limited to …

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