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Performance Not Age Should Be Evaluated

… likely to undertake those interventions.” Professor Wood said the researchers had not investigated the effect driver distraction, satellite navigation devices and fatigue had on older drivers or the difficulties of Parking, but she acknowledged they were factors that could be a problem.    Gap Between Older Drivers’ Self-Rated Driving Ability and Their Actual Performance Prof. Joanne Wood, Faculty of Health, School – …


WHAT MAKES FOR A SAFE DRIVER – Elderly or Not? (Part 1)

… suggestion. Go, with a companion, to a large Parking lot (say at a mall or supermarket), early in the morning. Go to the area of the lot where there are no cars parked. Drive at a city speed, then come to a stop at a convenient place, so that neither of you can feel the car stop. Now, go again, this time at a higher speed. (Again, this is supposing there is no moving traffic or cars parked in the area in which you will be driving)  Once, you are the higher speed, come to a stop at a convenient …


Out-of-Control Car and Poor Driving Conditions

… car? by Christopher Lampton Do you know what to do if road or weather conditions quickly change? What do you do if there’s a mechanical failure? Check out these car safety pictures to learn more. Cars are getting safer all the time. With antilock brakes, automatic Parking, backup cameras, airbags, radar collision detection — you’d almost think nothing could go wrong while you’re driving, assuming that you’re a reasonably good driver and don’t behave like …


Do You Fear Losing Your Driver’s License? | Road Test

Retaking Your Road Test Need Not Spell Disaster What are your fears? If you were re-taking your road test today, to renew your driver’s license as an elderly driver, what would be your greatest concern? Are you jittery about: parallel Parking? making a left turn at a busy intersection? general traffic flow and speed Other cars’ proximity around you? Changing lanes? If you are in one of the states, where elderly drivers are required to retake the road test then the following …

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