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The purpose of this site is to please you the reader and nothing is more crucial than to hear from you so that we may know how we are doing.  Not only do we need your feedback on specific articles and posts, but we want to hear from you on the direction we are taking and the quality and timeliness of our site.


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If you would be interested in writing a guest post, I would love to hear from you. Just contact me at:  theelderlydriver@gmail.com

4 Responses to Contact Us | Hear from you

  1. Hi,

    My name is Sally Harrison and I am in the marketing department at Zubie, and we are a connected car service that makes driving easier, safer and less expensive! Zubie plugs into the OBD port of your car and sends data via the cloud to our free app on your smart phone or to a web portal on your desk top. Zubie is wonderful for the guardians of elderly drivers because it does not require that the smartphone be in the car. The primary on the account can use live tracking to monitor location and driving skills if the parent is not yet willing to give up the keys. If this is something that interested you please email me for more information!

    Thank you

    • admin says:


      Thanks for your information. Zubie sounds very promising. Perhaps, we could feature an article about Zubie and its impact on elderly drivers. Let talk soon.

      Dan, Editor

  2. Hello Dan,
    Wanted to thank you for following my twitter, I’m just learning about how to use it. Looking over your website prompted me to write to you. First of all, I’ve been in the driver training field for about 30 years now and have retrained well over 1000 (possibly 2000) elderly drivers and over 10,000 students so I have a good grasp of the problems and the solutions.

    First of all, I would grade the professional driver education / training industry for the elderly (as well as for teens) as a complete failure. The problem is, they don’t know what they don’t know. We have professional organizations like the NSC, NTSB, and NHTSA among a myriad of others that spout out statistics, sounding like experts by illustrating the problem hoping it will solve the problem. Illustrating the problem doesn’t solve the problem.

    How many of the “expert individuals” in these organizations have actually retrained an elderly driver to expand their ability to drive safely and at the same time, extending the number of years they’ll be able to drive? Very, very few from my experience.

    A big part of the problem with elderly drivers isn’t because of their age. The problem stems from a flawed driver training method and/or methodology that was created and introduced in 1935 by the NSC into our country. The effects of aging only serve to expose those flawed driving skills thus giving the impression that aging has a much greater effect on one’s ability to be a safe driver. That impression is false. If you eliminate the flaws, you rehab the driver.

    It’s like living in the early 1490’s, most people believed the world was flat. Today, most “experts” believe that how they learned to drive was the correct methodology and that everyone needs to drive their way……….completely unaware that their own viewpoints are based on a flawed driver training methodology…..and the traffic death and destruction goes on and on……and the earth is still flat.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Sorry for such a heady communication on my first contact.


    • Dan says:

      Hi John:

      Thanks for your reply. I don’t have the experience you have, in training both teens and the elderly, but I am not surprised that many of the old, often mistaken, pre-WWII methods continue to be passed on to driving students. This despite the fact that in the last half century so many changes have occurred to vehicles, road conditions, distractions, and technologies that, together, effectively make obsolete many of the old approaches to teaching driving.

      Interestingly, after finding your Twitter account, I looked up your site and found reference to your book and some videos with samples of your Cullington Driving Concepts and crash-proofing. If you are interested, perhaps, in the not so distant future, you might submit a guest post to this site so as to share your thoughts with our readers. If so, write to me at: editor@elderlydriver.org.

      Lots of success with your message!


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