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Elderly Driver

Driving Safely and Confidently

How to Keep Driving

Fitness to Drive

Age is not the definitive factor, it is fitness to drive that counts.

Survey, Assess, Take Action

If an older driver can size up the environmental situation, evaluate conditions and take timely, correct action, he or she should continue to drive.

Different Kinds of Fitness

To survey, assess, drive skilfully and defensively a motorist, young or old, must have keen vision and hearing. A driver must have strong and flexible neck, back, arms and legs.

His mind must be clear, have good recall, and is able to prioritize what needs to be done. His driving skills should solid, sure and well-honed.

He should have a practical, if not thorough, knowledge of automobile upkeep and should recognize when a problem has the potential of becoming serious, endangering the car, its occupants, pedestrians and other drivers.

In the sub-sections, all of these issues are discussed in detail.

7 Responses to How to Keep Driving

  1. I have had the pleasure of teaching many senior citizens to drive here in the UK, several of them are ladies that have left it very late in life to learn to drive, all I can say is that these people are some of the most considerate careful drivers that I have ever had the pleasure to teach to drive.

    I know that many people may see elderly drivers as slow and get impatient with them, however it is my opinion that they are among the safest and most careful drivers on the road today.

    So I say keep on driving as long as you feel that you are driving safely with my blessings.

  2. when the person is older the reflexes goes slower.. we should limit the drivers age in order to have less accidents in the road..

    • Dan says:

      Hi Jordan:

      Yes, generally, it is true that the older we get the slower our reflexes become. However, that is not an absolute outcome; some elderly drivers stay relatively fit, both physically and cognitively. Furthermore, many older drivers compensate for the slowing of reflexes by adopting motoring strategies that make it possible to drive even in very advanced years. For instance, many don’t drive in the evening to avoid the challenges of night vision driving. Others will avoid making left turns at a busy intersection and proceed to make a number of right turns around a block to get onto the desired street. Some will drive at non-rush hour to avoid the heavy traffic or they will find an easy spot to park instead of negotiating a tight parallel parking situation. In other words, society doesn’t have to limit all older drivers just because they reach a given age.

      True, there are older drivers who should hand over the car keys and use alternative means of transportation. However, state and provincial motor vehicle departments differ considerably on how to adequately evaluate the driving skills of elderly drivers. Even on the matter of what constitutes the age at when to “re-test” is not uniformly handled.

      This whole matter of getting seniors to stop driving is an important part of what this site aims to address. Please be on the look out for future posts on the subject.

      Hopefully, we will see your comments on that and many other topics covered on this site.

      Good Motoring,

  3. 55 Alive says:

    senior drivers are more likely to receive traffic citations and get into accidents than younger drivers b’cuz senior drivers are often viewed as a hazard on the roads. Statistics show a rise of fatalities, traffic violations and serious injuries caused by senior citizens that should not be driving.

    Road accidents caused by older drivers is growing every year and so do the challenges.

    In support of Driver Safety Program – lets us bring awareness in senior citizen drivers about mature driver improvement course or 55 alive driving course to improve driving skills on road, refresh their driving knowledge and updates them on latest traffic rules and regulation that help keep older drivers and their families safe behind the wheel.

  4. Paying attention to the speed limits is absolutely critical if you want to pass the test. Your driving test isn’t a race and driving slowly and carefully will help you to pass.

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